A note from the Owner…


Finch & Daisy Consulting was founded in 2017 when, after spending 18 years in Corporate America, I suddenly found myself soon to be out of a job, as the firm I worked for was being sold.  I had so wanted 2017 to be a calm year, as in 2016 my life had been shaken by the loss of my mother.  Just 3 years earlier I had lost my father.

While in Corporate America, I grew from an entry level position to a Director role building and managing teams of over 200 individuals. I could have gone and found another Corporate role, but the truth was that I didn’t want to start over again working for another firm. Rather, I had a vision of taking my skills in team building, leadership training , process improvement and project management and opening my own firm where I could work with a variety of Clients.

That's what led to the formation of Finch & Daisy.  Yes, I know the name isn't conventional, but it does represent something very near and dear to my heart - my parents.  Yellow finches were loved by my father, and yellow daisies were my mother’s favorite. It may not be a typical business name, but it is one that means a lot to me, and I believe being authentic is key to earning the respect of others.

Best wishes,

Joy L Pearson