Offering services to individuals & businesses of all sizes in the areas of project management, process improvement, team structure, coaching and leadership training, policies and procedures, and more.  Please use the Contact option to learn more about how Finch & Daisy can add value to your business.


The Finch & Daisy Difference

We're not your typical consulting agency.  From our business name to our business strategies, we strive to be different.

We believe in focusing not only on your platform, but on your people.

What's the difference?  Platforms can be standard across businesses.  People are not standard, and in fact, it's their approach to using your platform that will set your business apart.

Managing and motivating your staff is just as key in driving your future success as is the platform.

That's where Finch & Daisy stands out from other consultants.  Not only do we understand platforms, but we also bring two decades of management, leadership, and successful team building experience.  We've built, developed and led teams, ranging in size from 5 to over 200 individuals, for industry leaders across the globe.  It's with this experience that we can help you ensure your staff is engaged, motivated and ready to achieve future success.

People AND platform both need to be a focus in any business in order for it to succeed.  To learn more about the services, please use the Contact option.


What services can Finch & Daisy Consulting LLC help your business with?

  • Management Coaching and Leadership Training

  • One-On-One Coaching

  • Project Management

  • Process Improvement

  • Leadership Training

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

  • Administrative Services

For Clients in the Real Estate Industry, we offer customized services in the following areas:

  • Real Estate and Property Management Services

  • System Conversions (Yardi, AppFolio, MRI, CTI, Great Plains, PeopleSoft)

  • Budgeting & Financial Planning

  • Accounting & Bookkeeping Services

  • Real Estate and Property Management Services

  • Lease Abstraction

  • CAM Reconciliations

  • Due Diligence

Free Resources

If you're like us here at Finch & Daisy, then you're always looking for ways to make your life more efficient and to get your work done faster.  That's why we are building a database of resources from our experience that we hope others will find useful.

Whether you work in the Corporate world or own your own business, we are working to build resources to assist you in your professional life.

Check back soon for information on how to join our email list and stay up to date on our newest free resources.


Consulting Services

Short on time and/or staff to get your projects done and goals accomplished? We can provide the support you need.


People AND platform both need to be a focus in any business in order for it to succeed. 

— Joy Pearson, Owner, Finch & Daisy Consulting LLC



Whether you’re looking to improve your management and leadership skills, or looking for a one-on-one coach to help you stay on track, we can help..


It’s important that our Client’s understand the who and why behind Finch & Daisy, as I truly believe it is our differentiating factor.

— Joy Pearson, Owner, Finch & Daisy Consulting LLC


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