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Bottom line, we know Yardi inside and out,

through and through with both technical and end-user experience.


We Speak Yardi

Finch & Daisy is proud to be a member of the Yardi Independent Consultants Network. This network represents firms from across the globe who have been vetted and approved by Yardi to act as independent consultants for Yardi clients. Admission into this network further demonstrates the depth and breadth of our Yardi knowledge and provides reassurance to our clients that we are, indeed, experts in the Yardi platform. 

Our diverse background and hands-on end-user experience also mean that we know the side of Yardi that pure technical support cannot offer. This helps us understand what to ask as we are working with our clients to enhance their current platforms and deliver exactly what it is you need. 

We work alongside our clients and Yardi teams during projects to provide the following support services: 

  • Project Management 

  • Environment Setup 

  • Permission Setup 

  • Workflow Setup 

  • System Testing 

  • Data Compilation 

  • Data Loads 

  • Data Validations 

  • Training 

  • Documentation/Process Manuals 

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