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Back to School and Back to Budgets

It’s August, and across the United States that means two things…back to school and budgeting season. That means we’re all going to be a little extra busy this month. At Finch & Daisy, in addition to helping our clients with their budgeting process, we’re helping our insurance agent, Pam McCarthy of American Family Insurance, collect school supplies to help a local school. This will be the second year that we have partnered with her and we are excited to help fill the bed of her truck with various supplies. Are you interested in helping out? Let us know - we’d love to have some of our clients help out to make sure all of the students are able to start the school year out right and have all the necessary supplies. Here's a picture from last year of Pam (right) delivering school supplies to Farmington Elementary School's Principal Kim Bollesen (left).

American Adventures Month

We also found out that August is American Adventures Month…it’s one last time for families to get together for one last adventure before the kids head off to school or parents get busy with work. Are you planning any last-minute adventures before fall sets in? We mentioned in a previous newsletter that our CEO Joy Pearson took her first vacation in nearly five years…last month she went to Hawaii with her family. She shared this picture of her kids, Olivia and Jack, before they went on an ATV adventure.

But it’s not all fun and games this time of year. Many of our clients are beginning budget season. We’re currently partnering with several clients as they begin this process and we’re working with them to help train team members on software technology and processes to make sure the season goes as smooth as possible. So, if this season stresses you out and it’s hard to get the ball rolling, know that we at F&D are ready to help support you. We can assist with anything from training to review of current systems to providing a second set of eyes on a completed budget - we are happy to share any insights or feedback.

Get to Know F&D

This month we are excited to feature our newest Accountant, Kindra Looney.

  1. How Long Have You Been With F&D: 1 week and thoroughly enjoying it so far!

  2. Education: BA, Accounting – Florida Atlantic University, Boca Raton, FL

  3. Favorite Movie: Shrek series (#2, #1, #4, #3, in that order!) – I promise I’m an adult

  4. Favorite Book: Outlander series by Diana Gabaldon

  5. Favorite Band: No favorite band, but a lover of all music, especially 90s music and EDM

  6. If you could have any job in the world, what would you do: Homicide detective or getting paid to play with animals all day

  7. Where is the most breathtaking place you’ve ever travelled: Grand Canyon & Grand Lake, Colorado (I cannot choose between the two

  8. Fun Fact About You: I enjoy hiking and relaxing in the mountains, especially desert mountains. My favorite places to visit are Colorado and Arizona, and I am hoping to travel to Wyoming and Utah soon. I am also very much into True Crime, and I watch a lot of crime documentaries and I listen to crime podcasts.

Pictured is Kindra with her husband, Joe, and children Monroe (8) and Rave (6). Thank you for sharing Kindra! Next month we'll introduce you to another member of our team!

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