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Building Community from the Ground Up

The summer months in Minnesota bring to mind town festivals, complete with parades, street dances and carnival rides. In Farmington, MN, where CEO Joy Pearson and a few other employees reside, the summer festival is called Dew Days and takes place in late June. Not only are we proud sponsors of this great event, but for the second year in a row, we will be hosting the Big Wheel Race for kids. It’s a great opportunity to get involved in the community and see the kids’ smiling faces as they cruise across the finish line on their Big Wheels!

One of the core beliefs at F&D is the importance of giving back and supporting our communities, which we strongly believe is an important part of being in business. And it’s not just a marketing ploy to get our name out there, it’s important to do good things in the communities we live in, so everyone can unite and grow together. With that in mind, we would like to challenge our readers and their respective businesses. What do you do to get out and support your community? We know some of our clients offer regular volunteer hours so employees can find ways to give back in their neighborhoods.

If you too embrace community involvement, tell us about it! We’d love to highlight some of our readers’ community involvement work and see if there are even opportunities for us to partner with you. Do you provide employees with volunteer time to give back? Perhaps you have adopted a park or highway to clean up? Or do you sponsor and volunteer in your community’s version of Dew Days? By the way, if you are wondering “what the heck is Dew Days?” just ask our Business Development Specialist, Jake Cordes, sometime and he’d love to tell you the tale!

One thing we would like to highlight, both because we are proud of it and it fits with the theme of giving back, is our Monthly Wellness and Charity Challenge. This Challenge just celebrated its one- year anniversary. Through this Challenge, each of our team members is able to enter a monthly drawing to direct a donation to a charity of their choice. To enter the drawing all they have to do is work out, run, walk, do yoga, bike, etc. for 30 minutes a day. Over the last year, F&D has donated $3,500 to various charities both local and national!

We are currently working on ways to refine the program and hope it continues to be successful for years to come. Congratulations to all of our winners and their chosen charities!

Get to Know F&D

This month we're featuring one of our Accountants, Jessica Amell!

  1. How Long Have You Been With F&D: 7 months

  2. Education: I did not graduate college.

  3. Favorite Movie: Fun with Dick and Jane

  4. Favorite Book: Rest & War by Ben Stuart

  5. Favorite Band: Brooks & Dunn

  6. If you could have any job in the world, what would you do? The owner of a foster home for teens.

  7. Where is the most breathtaking place you’ve ever travelled? I have been to many countries, but my favorite place hands down is San Francisco and its surrounding cities.

  8. Fun Fact About You: Gross, but I can pop my nose in and out of place.

Pictured is Jessica's family drawn as characters from The Simpsons!

Thanks for sharing Jessica, watch for our next featured F&D team member next month!

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