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Gratitude and Giving Thanks

It’s that time of year where those of us across the United States will start to get together with our families to celebrate Thanksgiving. And before everyone starts to shut down their emails and step away for a well-deserved break with their families, at F&D we wanted to share what we were thankful for. First and foremost, we are thankful for you - our clients and our friends. We would not be doing what we are doing without your trust and support. It means so much to us to continue our partnerships with each of you. So instead of using this space to “talk shop”, Joy Pearson, our Founder & CEO wanted to share a few thoughts of her own about gratitude:

If you’re like me, you are a bit in shock that it is the week of Thanksgiving and it has me reflecting on the year so far. As 2021 started, we all shared renewed hope that we were firmly putting 2020 behind us and that 2021 would see a return to a more normal way of life. Yet here we are 11 months later, still facing a global pandemic that provides daily challenges to our personal and work lives.

While it’s easy to focus on what we still don’t have, it’s more important to focus on all that we do have, which is why I wanted to take a moment to share my gratitude list for 2021. The year has been eventful for me personally as well as here at Finch & Daisy.

On a personal note, I will forever be grateful for my children, Olivia and Jack, who brighten each day, and truly are life’s greatest blessing. Olivia, now a sophomore in college, and Jack, a freshman in high school, mean the world to me.

I am grateful to have a wonderful family support system, including a brother, sister-in-law, aunts and uncles and cousins. I am thankful that this year has seen all of them remain healthy and active, and that we’ve continued to stay-in-touch even when not able to visit each other in person. I am also thankful to have a group of wonderful friends in my life, providing an invaluable structure of support.

Following along on that note, I have been blessed to have some amazing people enter my life this year, including members of my community, other local female small business owners, and many wonderful new professional relationships.

From a Finch & Daisy standpoint, I started this journey back in 2017 as a one-woman show. Now, four years later, I am blessed to have a team of 21 other incredible people working alongside of me. This year has brought many new Client relationships forward, as well as seen existing relationships strengthen. As always, referrals continue to be our best source of business, and I can never say thanks enough for that.

My sincerest hope for all of you is that you are able to spend time this holiday season with your family and friends, and that you are able to take time to talk with them about the blessings of 2021 and your goals, dreams and hopes for 2022… which is right around the corner!


Get to Know F&D:

Our featured team member this month is Melantha Kresin one of our accountants!

1. How Long Have You Been With F&D: 10 months

2. Favorite Movie: Mary Poppins

3. Favorite Book: Beloved – Toni Morrison or The color Purple – Alice Walker

4. Favorite Band: No favorite band, I just love music of all types as it frees the mind and soul. Although I do not like Metallica at all.

5. If you could have any job in the world, what would you do? Paralegal

6. Where is the most breathtaking place you've ever travelled? Palm Desert, California

7. Fun Fact About You: As an adult I came to love Broadway and musicals – I have been on stage 4 times; my favorite was playing one of the Eulalie's gossipy friends in The Music Man and performing the “Pick-a-little” scene.

Thanks for sharing Melantha! Be sure to check back next month to get to know another one of our friendly and dedicated team members!

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