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Make a Big Impact!

If you are a long-time subscriber of this newsletter, you know that we are proud to be a small business. And we are even prouder to support fellow small businesses.  We try to shop small year-round, but it is especially important this time of year as we approach Small Business Saturday.


Last year, the Finch & Daisy Gives Back Committee launched our Small Business Saturday initiative, which gave 15 participating team members $25 gift cards to spend at a local small business on Small Business Saturday. Those 15 team members made an impact in 14 different communities in 4 different states.


We just launched Small Business Saturday 2.0 and 18 employees have signed up to support businesses in 16 different communities, in 4 states.  Additionally, this year we are partnering with our team members in the Philippines to involve them as well and provide international support to small businesses.

In this month of Thanksgiving, we continue to be thankful for the support we as a small business receive and want to pass along that feeling of thankfulness and support to other small businesses.  Last year many of the businesses we supported on Small Business Saturday expressed their appreciation for this program and several were interested in implementing a similar program for their employees.  If you have any interest or questions about how we implement this to our team, please reach out and we'd love to share the information with you.


On another note, we would like to share our thanks for YOU.  Whether you are a subscriber to our newsletter, a follower of ours on social media, a long-time client, or a brand-new client - we want to thank you for our ongoing relationship and look forward to continuing that far into the future.  We hope you have a relaxing, wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and you are able to enjoy time away from 'the office' to spend with family and friends. 

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