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May We Interest You in Some Events?

It’s hard to believe we are already halfway through May. Flowers are blooming and we are gearing up for summertime activities. May is a month chalked full of holidays and recognition days. The F&D Team thought it would be a good time to pause and pay special recognition to some important days this month:

  • Memorial Day: While this holiday is considered the ‘unofficial start of summer’, it holds a much more important significance to all Americans as we pause to honor the countless men and women in the Armed Services who gave their lives in pursuit of the freedoms we all cherish.

“Our nation owes a debt to its fallen heroes that we can never fully repay.”

– President Barack Obama

  • Mental Health Awareness Month: Each year millions of Americans face the reality of living with mental health issues. The month of May focuses on bringing awareness about the many ways mental health impacts people directly and indirectly. F&D encourages everyone to practice their own version of self-care whether by talking to someone, reflecting on what you are grateful for, or simply taking a few minutes each day to step away from work to relax and reenergize. The F&D team is sharing resources with each other, sending gratitude notes to colleagues and clients, and doing simple acts of kindness in and out of the workplace.

  • Global Accessibility Awareness Day (GAAD): May 19th marks this important day that brings global awareness to the more than one billion people worldwide who live with disability and accessibility challenges. These individuals include those with vision impairments, the deaf/hard of hearing, people with motor impairments, and those with neuro-diverse challenges. We pause to acknowledge those who face special challenges in life but choose to use their unique abilities to make the world a better place.

  • Small Business Month: As a small business ourselves, we have a special love of and appreciation for all the other entrepreneurs out there who work tirelessly to succeed, create jobs, and better their communities in the process. We salute you!!

  • Brain Cancer Awareness Month: Several members of the F&D team have family members or friends who have been impacted by this terrible disease. We take a moment this month to pause and remember those dear to us that battle brain cancer now or who have lost their lives to it.

Get to Know F&D

This month we're featuring one of our Accounting Specialists, Angie Miller!

  1. How Long Have You Been With F&D: I’ve been with F&D for 7 months.

  2. Education: I attended St. Cloud Community College.

  3. Favorite Movie: Singles! It’s not a very quality movie, but it’s based in Seattle in a time that was very meaningful to me. Plus it has all my favorite bands in it and they do spoofs of each other.

  4. Favorite Book: I wish I had a cooler answer for this, but I was so into the Twilight Series. Now burn this newsletter after reading!

  5. Favorite Band: I have so many, but the most influential band for me was Nirvana

  6. If you could have any job in the world, what would you do? I would love to be a music therapist.

  7. Where is the most breathtaking place you’ve ever travelled? I’d have to say Glacier National Park in Montana. This was the first time I ever saw mountains and they were beautiful.

  8. Fun Fact About You: I don’t really have any fun facts about me perse, but something newer and exciting in my life is that I’m engaged to my very loving, dorky, cool, wonderful Fiancé, Zach and I’ll get to have a bonus daughter, Lily, who is 9 years old.

Angie said she'd “love to share cute photos of my family, but we hardly have any of us all together or nice ones. He [her fiancé Zach] takes terrible unsuspecting pictures of me and in return I’m creating a picture montage of him asleep on the couch.”

Pictured is Angie with her fiancé Zach, and with her soon-to-be bonus daughter Lily.

Thanks for sharing Angie, watch for our next featured F&D team member next month!

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