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Navigating ThroughChange & Transition Soothly

Change is in the air. Change of seasons. Change in our everyday. Change in the way we work. Change in the way our kids learn … and add on a pandemic and election and it’s no wonder we’re feeling uneasy. It seems there’s never been a time where change is so rapid and feels so intense. The pace is increased and yet, our ability to digest and choose our next move remains the same. So, what’s one to do when their world is swirling, and each day looks different? We adapt. We open our hearts and minds, and we seek to do our very best. We get curious and dare I say, show love. Sounds easy, right? So why is it so tough and how come everything feels hard? It’s because we’re human and full of emotions and each of us comes complete with a rich history and unique truths. But there’s hope for a new sense of lightness and ease of navigation!   

After loads of research, here are what we believe are the most effective ways and questions to ask yourself when navigating through change.   

1.) Focus on Your Freedoms Versus Limitations 

It’s easy to feel stuck and out of control when change is happening. It’s also a choice to look at things that are within your control to help temper the weight and adjust your perspective. Once you're able to shift, at the very least, your mindset, you’re able to then pull up for some clarity and see options and opportunities that you could have missed. No person or circumstance can limit your ability to focus on freedoms, attitude, and mindset. While volunteering in high school at a nursing home, this sweet little grandma told me, “life is what you make it”, and I’m grateful to this day for such true and wise advice.    

Activity: We all have something in our life that we’d like to see different or are experiencing something difficult. Think of that thing. How are you handling it? What’s within your control? Get curious about that thing. Why does it bug you? What’s the impact? Now, shift your perspective to one that pulls up, sees in it a different light, and/or change how you’re going to view it. Play devil’s advocate and challenge yourself to commit to focusing what’s within your control. Powerful isn’t it?  

2.) Re-write Your Story 

It’s important when navigating through change that you feel empowered to take control of your own story. I want you to think about when all is said and done, how do you want to feel when you get to the other side? So often and understandably so, with the volume and pace of change these days, it can be easy to let life happen and be reactionary if you don’t put the forethought into being proactive and committing to a mindset of optimism, staying true to your values, and looking for solutions.  

Activity: Think about something going on in your life that feels out of your control. This doesn’t always have to be something hard; it could also be something you wish you knew more about. Think about that thing and envision how you’d like to be able to speak to it.

If it’s something tough, regardless of the circumstance, what would you like to be able to say about yourself through that time or situation? If it’s something you want to know more about, think about your motivations behind wanting to learn more. What would be gained by knowing more and how you could use that information to improve yourself or a circumstance?  

2.) Ditch the Negativity  

This one is cut and dry. Ditch it! Good riddance! Adios! We’re not talking about someone who’s having a tough day, we’re talking about the negative, cup half-full people. You were put here on earth to do great things. Don’t allow others to get in the way of that. Ever.   

Activity: If someone popped into your head immediately, let that be a red flag. You also can unfollow people on social media, decline invitations, and share your truth about the impact of their negativity. Again, life is what you make it and, friends, leaders, citizens of the world, you are in the driver's seat of your life – and it’s a beautiful one, don’t go another second without seeing that!  

3.) Practice Gratitude  

When in the swirl of change, sometimes it hard to see the forest through the trees. You’re so consumed with what’s going on that it feels no end is in sight. In these moments, find some stillness. Close the door to your office, go for a quick walk outside, and think of things right now that you're grateful for. Doesn’t have to be grandiose – in fact, this morning I was eternally grateful for my gluten-free banana and peanut butter toast, which made each bite taste even better! Sometimes some extra thought on even the smallest of everyday things is what can bring us back and provide the energy we need to move through the day with clarity and poise.   

Activity: Every morning this week, while sipping that life-giving cup of coffee, think about 5 things you are grateful for. Take note of the impact.  

Well, that wasn’t your typical business consulting and accounting services email was it? And that’s a-okay with us because it speaks to us wanting to put our people first - that’s you! Always. If even one of these strategies resonates with you, we’re happy. There’s a lot that we all carry with us each day – as team members, leaders, entrepreneurs, parents, friends, siblings, and spouses. The more we acknowledge the changes happening in our lives, the more likely we are to move through them with greater ease, understanding, and control and come out the side a better version of ourselves. So, embrace the change, reflect, be in control of Y-O-U, and know your values and how you want to show up and feel at the end of each day.   

It’s with great honor that we get to work with you and we’re here, through the change for all your budgeting, business, people, and process needs. Reach out – we've got you!   

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