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Having Your 1v1s with Your Team During a Pandemic Is Critical

What a time to be alive. We are all, together, charting new paths and leading in ways like never before. We’re now several months into this new way of life, so we wanted to use this newsletter to check in not only on you but also on your teams. It’s that time of year now when leaders begin thinking, “I should probably do one of those mid-year check-ins …”. Gulp. And given the world’s events, we thought we’d help give you a nudge and provide you with the tools needed to get the job done properly and effectively. Your team will thank you.   

Now, you may wonder, what’s a consulting firm know about mid-year check-ins, creating a rockstar culture, and team development? We have great leaders, who come with experience specifically in the real estate space. Joy has over 20 years leading teams as large as 250 people, and Melanie is a trained HR pro who once oversaw more than 700 people and knows exactly how to define success within teams and lead in a way the empowers and moves the needle. Bonus, we also have Jay, who was the Director of Marketing for a leadership & development company for 10 years. We’re stacked in this arena and we want to pass on some of this knowledge to all of you!   

So, back to mid-year check-ins. Here’s what we know … they’re often done half-way or completely ignored which is a bummer because much of your staff is looking forward to these meetings, especially millennials and younger as they thrive in receiving feedback. These meetings, when done right, not only build trust, they also act as a compass and fuel for the six months ahead. Great leaders always check-in.   

To help encourage these conversations, we thought we would take some of the work off your plate and provide you with some guidance and tools to get the ball rolling. Below is the secret sauce to getting these done right:   

  • Throw Formality Out the Door. These conversations should be fluid, easy-going, and conversational. The goal is to check in on how the team member is doing, identify areas where they may need encouragement, celebrate successes, do a pulse check on annual goal progress, and look to the future. These meetings are temperature checks to ensure they’re feeling challenged and that their strengths are being flexed.   

  • Come Prepared. So you’ve scheduled the meeting(s) as soon as you read this newsletter, now what? Let your team know to prepare for the conversation, just as you will. Make note of how things are going, progress, development opportunities, etc. Again, this is informal and shouldn’t feel like they’re in the hot seat.   

  • Shhhhhhh. Now it’s their time to shine. While you may guide the conversation, employees should be doing most of the talking. Take it in and listen.   

  • Use This as a Guide. We know these templates are a dime a dozen, but ours really is good. It’s seasoned and to the point. Feel free to use, share, and make your own.   

Now go, enjoy this time with your team - we promise they’ll be glad you did! And let us know how it goes and if you need any other tools or resources, from process to people, we’re here to ensure your success!   

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