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We Speak Yardi

We're Yardi Experts - Even They Say So!

Our Yardi expertise goes beyond just knowing how the system works. At Finch & Daisy Consulting our mission is to truly understand the intricacies and unique requirements behind our clients and their Yardi needs. We partner with them to ensure their systems are designed to achieve maximum functionality and efficiency. What makes us distinctive is that we’ve worked for years within the system, handling not only the data input but the data output. We’re more than just technical and audit support – we expand our recommendations to ensure best-in-class processes exist in accounting and operational tasks. Below are just a few reasons why Finch & Daisy makes a great partner:

· We’re Experts. Finch & Daisy’s Yardi expertise spans over 25 years in Yardi systems implementation and ongoing operational support, project management, process improvement, training, and workflow process creation and implementation.    

· We're Yardi Savvy. We know the ins and outs of the following systems and modules: Voyager (all versions), RENTCafé, PayScan, CheckScan/Collect, Advanced Budgeting & Forecasting, Forecast Manager, Enterprise, Genesis and Orion. Of those modules, we consider our firm to have expert knowledge in all but RentCafé (intermediate) and Orion (low).  

· We Speak Yardi. We’ve learned the true Yardi language and have built a lasting relationship with Yardi internal staff – we've even recently been inducted into their very exclusive, Yardi Consultant Network.  

· Timing is Everything & Midwest is Best. Being centrally located in Minneapolis, MN affords us the flexibility to work with teams across the country to meet their needs on-demand. We pride ourselves and are known for being flexible partners that are genuinely invested in seeing you and your organization succeed. 

Curious to learn more about our Yardi qualifications and to see letters of recommendation? Click here.   

Want to schedule some time to chat about Yardi? Email us today and we'll find a time to connect!

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