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2021 We're Coming for You, Stronger Than Ever

There are no two ways about it, this year was a doozie. Full of gut punches, curveballs, and problem-solving like we’ve never had to before, but we pushed on. Onward and upward straight into 2021 we go. We survived. We persisted. We won’t quit. We’ve got this. While we thought about writing some inspirational piece on the renewal of a new year, goal setting, or something bright and sunny – we thought allowing some time to soak in what you’ve accomplished this year as leaders, team members, and friends might be more appropriate. Here are a few things that we’ve noticed you’ve done remarkably well, along with a few of our own:

  • This year many teams needed to shift to working remotely and for many, this was something unheard of. But you did it. You’re now a Zoom or Teams expert and you’re dialing in using backgrounds and gifs like a pro. You’re doing great. Keep going.

  • To the fearless leaders, you’ve had to be the calm force in the storm and that isn’t easy but you’re here, doing your best - dusting off your sweatpants and logging in to support and be there for your team and company - meeting your team's new schedules and availability. It was a year of learning but know that you have done everything you could with what you have and know. You did well. Don’t stop.

  • For all the parents who have acted as teachers to your kids in between meetings, wiped butts (not your own of course!) during a Zoom call, and put in late nights and early mornings to meet the new daily demands - you are superhumans! To the ones who need a minute to hide in a closet for a moment to regroup because it’s been a day - take all the time you need. You’re doing good. Keep going.

  • For the companies, teams, and individuals who have made it their mission to give back to their communities and causes. You're amazing. Keep going.

We’ve been witness to so many of our clients raising the bar, leading remotely, and leading with empathy, understanding, and direction. It’s been our pleasure to partner and be a resource during such a unique time. We’ve come to understand that partnering and working closely with integrity and humility is what has made this year one of growth and community. We truly are stronger together. Have a simple, joy-filled holiday with your loved ones and we look forward to what we take on together in 2021. Keep going!

Joy + Finch & Daisy Team

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