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A Season for Growth and Change

In Minnesota, and across the United States, spring and summer is a time for growth and change. And much like the growth and change you are no doubt seeing in your gardens and fields, so too is Finch & Daisy growing!

Over the course of the last year, we’ve grown from a small team of 3 people to now 18. A team that spans across the country!

In the coming months, we’ll take a little space in our newsletter to further introduce some of our growing team. But here’s a peek at our team as it stands today!

If you’re looking for assistance - whether it’s property accounting services, Yardi consulting, or have general business consulting needs, give us a call and one of these friendly faces will be able to help you out. At Finch & Daisy nothing gives us more joy than partnering with our clients to help them succeed!

We’re also excited to grow some of our consulting services, so be sure to look for updates in this space and on our website in the near future. As we grow our business, we’ll be looking to grow our talented team as well, so if you or anyone you know is looking for a job in property accounting, be sure to let us know!


We’d like to congratulate the following F&D team members on their work milestones and promotions

Jake Cordes-new hire May

Melanie Sawyer-1 year anniversary in June

Sonya White-promoted to Accountant in June

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