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Changing Lives One Note at a Time

Gratitude helps make a company successful. You read that right, gratitude helps make a company successful and there’s plenty of research to back that up.  

We as a company also believe this to be true as we’ve seen its effects over time, especially as we grow. It’s something that makes us unique and dare we say, shine. We celebrate wins, we do happy dances when we complete a project, we laugh together, and share learnings and silver-linings when things pivot. But truth be told, this is always much easier to do, in life and at work, when things are all sunshine and rainbows. When you’re thrown some curveballs, enter pandemic, we’ve found that you need to be intentional about giving thanks and carving out time to connect. 

I know we’re not the only ones craving high-fives from a team member or being able to have a face-to-face conversation over lunch to celebrate a win. We’re all starved for connection and one of the most basic and fulfilling ways we can do that is by showing gratitude to those we work with.  

So how do we bridge that gap as leaders and team members and turn this into action? We make gratitude and giving thanks to those we work with a habit - one that is intentional and authentic to us.   

So, here’s your challenge to complete by November 30th. Write each member of your team and your boss, a thank you note. Be specific about what you're thanking them for and go beyond to share the impact. Acknowledge the person, not just their talent. It may be one random act, a characteristic, or how they maneuvered a challenge – there’s always something to be thankful for, for everyone. For some people, you’re really going to have to think, which is a great opportunity to potentially build a bridge and/or identify some common ground, and that’s ok. Plus, you have plenty of time between now and the end of the month to seek out the good and put some thanks to paper. You’ll be so glad you did and so will they.   

Below are some additional resources and facts regarding gratitude and giving thanks: 

- Research has found that only 10% say thank you to colleagues and just 7% say thank you to their boss. Ugg, this screams opportunity! Thank the people you spend a significant amount of time with!  

- Forbes Article: Why Grateful People Always Succeed by Jennifer Cohen -This is SO true!

- Inc. Magazine: 14 Scientifically Proven Ways Gratitude Can Bring You Success and Happiness #8, #9, & #10 are vital given our current virtual environments at work  

- Harvard Medical School shares how science confirms giving thanks can make you happier

- How Gratitude Can Transform Your Workplace

- According to research by psychologists Adam Grant and Francesca Gino, a thank you can go a long way. Especially if you are in a supervisory position, expressing your thanks for a job well done can make your employees feel a strong sense of self-worth and confidence. The study also revealed that being grateful has a ripple effect, leading to an increase in trust between colleagues and more initiative to help one another out. 

To my dearest Finch & Daisy team, 

I honestly don’t even know where to begin ... what was started as a one-woman show has turned into something beyond my wildest dreams. There have been times where I secretly wanted to quit and you all rallied and brought the light, there were times when I wasn’t sure on next steps, and together we rallied and broke down doors, but most of all there have been so many times where I’m bubbling over with excitement as you all are the first people I run to, to share the good news, celebrate wins, and let my mind run wild with ideas and dreams that include every one of you. We’re all in this together building something special and different. So, thank you. Thank you for each one of your superpowers, positive energy, and perfectly timed Zoom gifs. Each of you is forever woven into the history of Finch & Daisy and for that, I will always be thankful.    With gratitude,   


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