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Five Years of Finch & Daisy

A Note From Joy

I could never have dreamed that, when I launched Finch & Daisy five years ago, it would grow into what it has become. I assumed it would be a one-person adventure for a few years, until my daughter and son went off to college, and then I would make my way back into corporate America. Instead, it has grown to an incredible firm of twenty seven individuals that I am blessed to have as partners on this journey, and who truly are extended family to me. As I speak to the team, and we discuss what has brought and kept them here at F&D, a constant theme arises – it’s the people they get to work with, whether other team members or clients. That message speaks to the heart of the phrase on the front of our website. We strive to be kind and reliable and we want to work with others who share those values.

As for what the future holds, a driving point behind Finch & Daisy continues to be maintaining an attitude of gratitude, which means holding as a core value the belief in giving back to others as much as possible. As the journey continues, I am excited to look for new and expanded ways for this to continue, including building partnerships with other individuals and businesses who share this passion. More to come on this in the future.

I’d be remiss to not give a moment of thanks out to some very special people in my life, whose support continues to make this journey possible. On the personal side, I can’t thank my children and partner who remind me every day of how proud they are of me. On the work front, three special ladies have been a huge part of the success and growth of this organization. Melanie, Renae, and Michelle – F&D wouldn’t be here without you.

Celebrating This Milestone

Last month, we were blessed to invite team members from across the United States to visit Minnesota and gather as a team to celebrate at The Market at Malcolm Yards in Minneapolis, MN. This was one of the first opportunities for many of our team members to meet in person. The night included time for socializing, amazing appetizers and entrees, a brief look back at the last five years of F&D history presented by CEO Joy Pearson, and a fun awards presentation of “The Finchies” by Business Development Specialist and wannabe Academy Awards host Jake Cordes.

This was such an amazing opportunity to spend time together and recognize this huge accomplishment. I guess we can’t call ourselves a brand-new business anymore!

Get to Know F&D

This month instead of focusing on one team member, we’re going to look at a few fast facts about F&D itself.

  1. How did F&D get its name? Joy's parents loved yellow finches and yellow daisies. So when it came time to name her company, it was a no-brainer. It was a unique way to honor their legacy.

  2. How long was Joy the only employee? For two whole years, Joy was the only employee at F&D. She brought on employee no. 2, Kate Carlson, in 2019.

  3. Was the founding date really on Joy's birthday? Technically, yes. While Joy submitted the paperwork to the State of Minnesota on September 3, 2017; it was approved by the State on September 6th. So F&D and Joy share a birthday.

  4. F&D employees live in how many states? As of September 2022, there are employees of F&D in seven states.

  5. Which states? Minnesota, Wisconsin, Alabama, Texas, New York, Alaska, and Wyoming.

Pictured are the team members who were able to gather at our 5 year anniversary party. Here's to many more years of F&D!

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