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Soaking Up Spring | Fresh as a Daisy

Spring. It’s the time of year people from the Great North live for. It’s the light at the end of the tunnel. The time of year when come forty degrees we’re all in. Committed to sunshine, flip flops, and no jackets – we 100% here for it. Forty degrees is the marker to which we find ourselves fully immersed in bringing out the summer gear, cleaning out every closet, garage space, and basement. It’s also when we are soaking up the newness of spring, and if we go deeper, a sense of self-renewal – purging what’s no longer serving us and appreciating what serves us well.

This seasonal marker also signals alignment in the professional world and puts a focus on revisiting goals and commitments. For us, this spring is about connection. We’re putting heavy focus around making sure to have face to face time, especially because we’re a virtual company. There’s power in laughing, sharing values and ideas, and learning together as a team. We also make sure to honor our weekly meetings and recognize that, all too often, in the busy days of our work life, relationship and team building is often de-prioritized over meeting deadlines. In these touch base updates, we share challenges and successes – both at work and at home. Again, making an effort to show up for each other and connect in a meaningful way.

Need a little help with your spring check-in? Here are some questions to get you and your team thinking about how you can pinpoint potential positive changes that can have a powerful impact:

  • What’s going well? What’s been tough?

  • What have you been putting off lately that needs to get done and why? When are you going to take action?

  • What is the primary focus? What’s challenging? What’s going well? What needs to be tweaked or changed? How and when will or can you make those changes?

  • What is one thing you have the power to change that would significantly impact your life for the better?

  • What do you need to let go of? What is it costing you?

With each newsletter, we hope to spark some energy and excitement around reflection and growth. We know with certainty, that taking time to pause and assess is critical to both your success and happiness. And please, take in the beauty as the seasons change, it’s a beautiful world with so much to marvel and take in.

Perspective: TedTalk by

Kelly McGonigal

Even with the extra Vitamin D, spring blooms, and birds chirping, we know that this is still a busy season for many of you, which is why we thought you'd love this short TedTalk on the benefits of stress and how reframing can help you to fuel your success.

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