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Holiday Reflections

In the spirit of the season, Finch & Daisy joyfully embraces two holiday traditions: supporting Toys for Town in Farmington, MN, and standing with Safe Haven Foster Shoppe in Lindstrom, MN. These are two worthy causes that we would love to highlight this month.


Each year, the Farmington Police Department organizes a Toys for Town event where they compile a list of families in the local area that need a little extra help during the holiday season. The department not only collects toys to distribute to children but also provides each family with a holiday meal kit. 


While the FPD organizes the event, its toy drive and fundraising efforts are driven by the generosity of the citizens and businesses of the Farmington area.  In 2022, there were 400 children from 117 families that benefited from this program; and the department is expecting similar if not higher numbers of families this year.  To assist with the efforts, Finch & Daisy pledged $5,000 towards the fundraising goal of $40,000. Also, our local team members were involved in wrapping and distributing the gifts on December 16th.

Pictured is our CEO Joy Pearson, Business Development Specialist Jake Cordes, Farmington Police Chief Gary Rutherford, and Sergeant Nate Seim.  To learn more about Toys for Town, visit their website.

One of the other holiday traditions that we've embraced for the second year is our support of the Safe Haven Foster Shoppe. This organization is dedicated to helping children in foster care by collecting toys and other needed essential items for them.  F&D is honored to 'adopt' three children this year.  Kate Carlson from our team spent many hours creating an Amazon wish list for these kids and everyone went shopping and purchased everything on the list! We are extremely grateful for our many blessings and are so happy to be able to share with those less fortunate.

Pictured are the toys and essentials donated to Safe Haven Foster Shoppe.  To learn more about this organization please visit their website.


Holiday Reflections from Joy

It's hard to believe that another 12 months has passed.  If your 2023 has been anything like mine, there was a lot that happened.  It's always easy to round out the year sharing all the wonderful things that happened, but I have come to realize it's important to recognize the challenges when reflecting as well.  2023 was full of challenges, and honestly, some outright hard events.

First and foremost, F&D lost one of our own this year.  Sonya White was with us for too little time, and we miss her laugh and light daily.  If you've followed our social media this year, you've seen us welcome Sonya's family up to Minnesota from Alabama, and to form a bond to carry on her legacy as we move forward.

In addition to the above, we have had many members of the F&D team, as well as our clients, affected by friends and family fighting health and personal challenges.  Our thoughts and prayers go out to everyone who this sentiment rings true with.

On the business front, we have seen that volatility in the Real Estate market led to significant transitions of portfolios, assets, and contract requirements.  The year both started and ended with this on the forefront, with all parties looking for ways to streamline processes, find efficiencies, and determine the best path forward.


I am grateful and thankful.


Grateful and thankful for all of you – for my team, my professional relationships, my peers, my friends, and my family.


I am grateful for how we all partnered together to find way to give back to our communities, to charitable organizations, to others, and to EACH other.  Maintaining the attitude of gratitude isn't always easy, but this year, you all went above and beyond.


I am thankful that we were able to face what was certainly a challenging year with support from each other. This relationship-based approach to F&D has always been, and will always be, our primary focus.  Because at the end of the day, it is these relationships that help guide us through the challenges we face.


As we head into 2024, I hope you all have time to reset, regroup and refresh with those who matter most in your life. 


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