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In Loving Memory of Sonya White Forever Part of Finch & Daisy

Updated: Mar 10, 2023

This month we are dedicating our newsletter to our late colleague and friend, Sonya White. For the better part of the last year and a half, Sonya valiantly battled a cancer diagnosis. During this time, she never gave up hope, was always there to share a story or a smile, and continued her tireless dedication to our clients. Since the time of her diagnosis, Finch & Daisy became “Team Sonya”, and we worked to surprise, comfort, and encourage her with food, gifts, and events during her treatments. We told her we would always have her back, and we always will. Sonya will forever be a part of this family.

No matter how tough the times got, Sonya was always here to share a smile, make us laugh with a story, and continue her dedication to her clients.

All of us at F&D extend our heartfelt love to Sonya’s husband Cody, her son Hunter, Hunter’s fiancé Bryanna, and extended family and friends. We know everyone now has one shared goal of continuing to share the light and positivity Sonya had … to share her amazing sense of humor and ability to inspire, to work hard no matter the circumstances you find yourself in, and most importantly to never give up hope.

Cody was the love of Sonya's life, pictured here is the two lovebirds at one of the many Air Force Balls they attended. Sonya was incredibly proud of Cody's service to his country.

Since the day Finch & Daisy was fortunate enough have Sonya join our family, Joy referred to Sonya as her “spirit animal.” The two found they shared common interests, with true crime documentaries and podcasts being just one. If you haven’t yet heard Sonya’s frozen chicken story, well then you need to ask. However, more than common interests, Joy saw in Sonya a bright light full of energy who was always willing to give and help others.

It seemed like every week these two “spirit animals” would find more and more in common with each other.

Our team is forever grateful that although Sonya lived in Alabama, we were able to meet her in person for Finch & Daisy’s 5th Anniversary Celebration last August. Each member of our team has their own special Sonya memories – be that from game days, sharing a laugh on the team call, or simply enjoying Sonya’s uncanny ability to make everyone she came into contact with feel special.

Sonya's aforementioned frozen chicken story earned her the “Most Likely to Get Away with Murder” Award at our 5th Anniversary Celebration. An Award she was incredibly proud to receive.

Later this spring, we will be dedicating a park bench in Sonya’s memory at a park in Farmington, MN. Additionally, the former Finch & Daisy Scholarship given to a deserving graduating high school senior has been renamed, “The Sonya White Memorial Scholarship, Presented by Finch & Daisy. These tributes will ensure her memory and the impact she had on our family will be forever memorialized.

Sonya's smile was infectious, she will always be remembered for her warm smile and amazing zest for life.

While Sonya’s family and friends mourn her loss at such a young age and with so much more to give, we feel so very blessed that we were able to know her amazing spirit and call her our friend. Fly high, Sonya…you are forever a part of Finch & Daisy.

If you would like to support Sonya's family and help cover the funeral costs, please visit their Go Fund Me page using the link below.

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