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We're Taking Flight. Who's with Us?

Finch and Daisy Team
We're Taking Flight. Who's with Us?

There's something about the new year that gets everyone feeling energized and excited.

Two thousand nineteen is in the past, and we have everything to look forward to in the new year. New goals. New perspectives. New ideas. The fog has cleared, and we're ready to fly. So why does it seem that come week two, some of us are depleted, tired, and even discouraged?

Part of it is grandma's spiked eggnog wears off, our to-do lists don't change, and we're running on 3 cups of coffee by noon. Who's with us? One of the things that's unique to Finch & Daisy is that we're just as excited as you to help you reach your goals, slim down your to-do list, and help take some of the weight off your shoulders. We understand the complexities of teams, processes, and did we mention we're wizards at CAMs?!

So now, the million-dollar question, are you going to let us help? Help to relieve some stress and make it possible for you to work on the business, versus in it. Help you maintain your stride, and reach your goals in 2020 and beyond.

We'd also like to share how grateful we are that you're coming along for the ride. Since Finch & Daisy was founded in 2017, we have received an overwhelming amount of support and encouragement and we wouldn't be where we are in just a short 730 days, if it weren't for you! Cheers & much growth & success to you all in 2020.

- Joy, Kate & Jay

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