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Times A Tickin’ Friends. Have you completed your OPERATING EXPENSE RECONCILIATIONS yet?

Finch & Daisy provides a quick turnaround and years of experience. 

It’s already February and we know you’re working your tails off trying to meet deadlines, play catchup, and get ready for those year end financial questions you’re about to get from your client’s tax team as they try to hit their deadlines. We’re guessing this is not the time of year where you are thinking that Happiness = Debits and Credits. 

We’ve got the experience and familiarity with operation expense reconciliations that’s superior to most firms in the industry and know the ins and outs of the process. Let us take this tedious task off your high-performers plates, so they can dig into the bigger picture work and spend their time on other strategic areas that need their expertise. And seriously, we love this work!

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