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How Are You Showing Up During This Busy Season?

Hey you! Yes,you! The one who's rockin' the start of a new decade and doing everything in your power to reach your goals, deadlines, and exceed expectations.

We know this time of year feels endless with mega demands and deadlines at work, your kids have a serious case of cabin fever, and the warmer days ahead still seeming so far away. We see you. And we know you've never needed a moment of calm more than you do right now. In the swirl of the day to day, with all that’s on your plate, we thought a little check-in might be timely. So, how are you showing up in times of stress and how would others say you're juggling all the balls?

You see, we all are in it together, going through each of our own battles and times of challenge, especially this time of year. As you likely already know, we are huge supporters of playing to one’s strengths and building each other up, so we thought it would be the perfect time to reflect and strengthen the bonds within your teams.

Here are just a few ways to stay positive and bring your

A-game during periods of stress and/or change:

  • Express Gratitude. Science is now showing that practicing gratitude actually can have long-term benefits to both your mental and physical health! This is an especially important practice in times of change and stress. So when you're feeling the swirl of life, think of all that is good, kind, and treasured. For more information, check out what the NIH is finding in this area!

  • Help. We know, asking for help can feel like a failure, but we'd like to challenge that by sharing high performers all practice this when necessary. Asking for help only shows that you want to be better and succeed, and sometime that requires a little help. On the flip side, offer some help if you can! Seriously, what a gift it is to know your team member sees you, has your back, and is willing to help you succeed. Give it a try!

  • Move. The impact and power of movement on our stress levels, energy, creativity, and wellbeing is undeniable. A recent study showed participants that engaged in physical exercise experienced an increase or positive correlation with job performance, good mood and subjective health. How awesome is that? This means that participants are not only feeling more productive at work, they are also in better moods and feeling healthier. So how do you fit it in? Park further away, climb stairs, scheduling walking meetings, move during your lunch hour, get creative, it's doesn't matter what you do, just move - one foot in front of the other!

  • Compliment Others. "I noticed you've been working hard on that report", or "I love how you worded that, I'm going to pass that along", or a simple, "You're smile is contagious, thanks for always bringing the sunshine." Bottom line, if you see something good, nice, interesting, worthy of praise - say so! This is a big deal! Championing your colleagues is a powerful thing - do more of it! For some of you this comes naturally, but for the rest. Take a moment to reflect on those you work with and how their elevating the team or project and share it with them. It takes just a second and the impact is both contagious and energizing.

  • Laugh. Yes, laugh! Find a knock-knock joke, reminisce on the old days, share something about yourself that may bring some joy and connection. Laughter is another one of those free, game-changing things that builds bridges and lightens the mood on a hard day.

We hope that some of these tactics provide you with the ammo need to get through the busy season with a sense a perspective and grace. Again, we're all in it together, and it's through the tough times that you have the ability to shine, and lift others up.

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